About eFilm World


Welcome to the creative realm of eFilm World, where design meets innovation, and every pixel tells a story. Founded by the visionary Eric Li, eFilm World stands as an official Microsoft font vendor, offering a spectrum of design solutions that redefine visual storytelling.


Meet Eric Li: The Creative Force


At the helm of eFilm World is Eric Li, a passionate designer dwelling in the vibrant landscapes of Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong. Eric's journey into the world of design was sparked by a profound interest in web design, a field where he seamlessly blends technical expertise with artistic vision.


With a residence rooted in the heart of Hong Kong, Eric draws inspiration from the city's dynamic energy and diverse culture. His commitment to pushing the boundaries of design is evident in every project undertaken by eFilm World.


Innovation in Font Design: Our Signature


As an official Microsoft font vendor, eFilm World has earned recognition for its groundbreaking projects. Our commitment to innovation is exemplified by projects like the "Transportation Mock Bundle (TMB)," a revolutionary set of fonts and color tickets designed to elevate the simulation works experience.


Empowering Your Planning with Calendars


eFilm World extends its innovative touch to practical solutions with the "Hong Kong Public Holidays Calendar." Born out of the need for a more personalized and accurate calendar, this offering includes both Traditional Chinese and English versions. Sourced directly from the Hong Kong government website, these calendars reflect meticulous attention to detail.


Key Features:



At eFilm World, we believe that design is not just about aesthetics but an immersive experience. Our projects go beyond pixels, offering solutions that resonate with your unique narrative. Whether you're exploring our unique font bundles, engaging with our calendars, or seeking design inspiration, eFilm World is your creative partner.


Transform Your Visual Narrative


Join us at eFilm World, where every font, every design, is meticulously crafted to transform your visual narrative. Experience the blend of art and technology, innovation and elegance – because at eFilm World, your story deserves to be told uniquely.